Chevrolet Master Deluxe

Year of construction 1936

Feeling of the ’30s. The vehicle was completely dismantled and rebuilt for 50.000 Euro.

Vehicle history

The Chevrolet Master Deluxe – as the Master was now called – had the new “turret top” all-steel bodies from Fisher Body Co. Roadster and Cabriolet were no longer available, but two different coupes and four different sedans. Another new feature of the EA series was the suspension of the front wheels: they were suspended on coil-sprung swing arms according to the Dubonnet system instead of the previous rigid axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs. The old suspension was still available on request; the models were then called series ED. The wheelbase had increased by another inch to 2,870 mm.

In the following year, the cars were fitted with a new, rounder radiator grille and steel spoke wheels as standard. They were called series FA (with Dubonnet front axle) and series FD (with rigid front axle). For the latter variant it was last year, as coil springs were installed as standard. The engine power decreased by 1 bhp.

Technical data

Year of construction 1936

6 Zylinger in-line engine

3.5 litre cubic capacity

55 HP

Price schedule

1st hour € 225,-

every additional hour € 115,-